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About Shandong Jiaotong University

Shandong Jiaotong University was established in the year of 1956, and it’s the only university in Shandong Province which offers bachelor degree programs in the field of highway and waterway transportation. The university, with 3 campuses in Jinan, Chanqing and Weihai, covers an area of more than 2,200 Chinese Mu, and the floorage occupies about 0.39 million square meters. The worth of equipment and facilities of the univeristy is around 154 million yuan, and the university library houses about 1.53 million volumes of books. There are 2,0707 full-time students, 1,276 staff members, and 882 teaching faculty, among whom there are 74 professors and 262 associate professors, 73 doctor degree holders and 572 master degree holders, as well as 11 receivers of special government subsidy granted by the State Council, 13 provincial excellent teachers, 1 young expert of outstanding contribution in Shandong province, and 2 academicians as the university part-time professors.

The university consists of 13 schools/colleges and 4 teaching departments, namely, School of Automotive Engineering, School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Information Science and Electonic Engineering, School of Finance and Economics, School of Management, School of Humanity and Law, School of Foreign Studies, School of Science, School of Maritime, School of Material Science and Engineering, Northern International Collges, Social Science Department, Department of Physical Education, Department of Continuing Education, and Vocational Technology College.

The university offers 42 bachelor degree programs, including Traffic Transportation, Vehicle Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engine Engineering, Navigation, Ships and Oceanographic Engineering, and so on, and the programs spread in 7 disciplines of liberal arts, science, engineering, economics, management, law and art. The programs have engineering as the key discipline and transportation as the leading specialty. Highway & Railway Engineering is the key discipline at the provincial level. The disciplines of Vehicle Operation Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, and Transportation Planning and Management are key disciplines of Shandong “Twelfth-five” plan. Traffic Transportation and Civil Engineering are national characteristic specialties. Traffic Transportation, Civil Engineering, Logistics Engineering and Marketing programs are the provincial characteristic specialties. The university has more than 70 labs, among which the experimental center for traffic civil engineering and the engineering training center are the provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, the lab for vehicles detection, diagnosis and repair is the national key lab in transportation, the automotive application technology lab is the provincial key university lab, and the automotive vehicles testing center has been approved for the national laboratory accredited qualification.

The university was entitled to enroll international students in the year of 2004, and since then we have cooperated and established a friendly relationship with more than 30 universites in the United States of America, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Holland, Britain, Australia, Korea, South Africa, and so on.

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